New step into "Grandads' Story", new non equine, non canine drawing.

Gone with the flow and more progress has been made. Yeah again!
The shadowing and light is proving quite a challenge.
I'm tackling it with determination and layers of 2B and F.
See what tomorrow brings - hopefully loads of progress I'm really dying to see the finished piece and tweak away to my hearts content...


hbedrosian said…
What a cool perspective! You have some great detail already in the face... can't wait to see more!
Marsha Robinett said…
Love the angle you have on this subject. I'm excited to see the entire drawing...You're keeping us in suspense. Great work.
Thank you both:)
The suspense is semi-intentional: I've hidden Amelie under a sheet of paper to keep her out of sight as well as stop any smudging + scanner only A4. Will post the follow on soon promise!
Jo Castillo said…
Beautiful start on this piece. You are really keeping us in suspense as Marsha said. You do such beautiful work.... sigh...
Hello Jo. Thank you,this piece is taking quite sometime.
I have nearly finished...hoping the final result will live up to expectations:)

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