"Grandads' story", graphite drawing final steps shown.

Flowing smoothly (and slowly) to the last stages of "Grandads' Story".

The above steps show how the ear, neck and shirt developed over a period of two sittings (roughly 5 hours)

I've added the hat in a penciled-in version. Once I have brought the two subjects together (by balancing and harmonising the values and textures) the hat will get its own final tweak.

The last image gives you a wee view of the connection between the two figures (as well as the hat).

The shadowing is still wrong so I'm off up to the studio to get that sorted...

Back soon.

p.s: please ask any questions you may have: answers will be forthcoming and not too long winded!


hbedrosian said…
I didn't realize there was another person in this piece... I want to see more! Excellent job, and I really enjoy the step-by-step.
Thank you Holly.
Taking the time to stop and evaluate as I've gone along has been a good learning curve.
Now working crucial last step: getting a good scan of the finished portrait:)
Jo Castillo said…
Gorgeous! 'Nuf said.

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