Maker of smiles, illustrators of memories

Christmas continues in the blogosphere and you are, I'm sure, curious to see what a few of us created for the occasion?
Presents have been unwrapped and many of us (commission artists) are now able to unveil our artwork.
This is why today's post is not directly about my work but that of some of my fellow artists.

Did you know that all too often commission artists are looked upon with a certain disrespect?
This is mainly because we are considered to be selling ourselves and copying photographs.

Total rubbish.
Being commissioned to render a loved one is MUCH harder than copying a photograph.

Why? The artwork has to be above average artistically, spot-on accurate, come from the heart and display total understanding of the rendered subject. All these elements are crucial. Should one of these fundamentals fail the artwork will hold very little credibility (if any at all!).

Oh this could get so very long... !

We are simply wizards of our chosen mediums. Artists with a skill for recreating someone else's memories and feelings.

We are, without a shadow of a doubt, the "makers of smiles", "illustrators of memories".

Here are, in no specific order, links to some of my fellow (blogging) artists and their unveiled treasures.

  • Dawn Secord shows her regal painting of an Irish Setter on her blog Art of the Dog
  • Gayle Mason's beautiful pastel painting of a Rough Collie and coloured pencil drawing of a Jack Russel can be seen on her blog Fur in the Paint
  • Terry Miller has been posting his little treasures on his blog Pencil Shavings throughout December. (This are not commissions as such but were nevertheless wrapped under Christmas trees and creating smiles.)
  • Jennifer Pratt unveiled her beautiful coloured equine pencil drawing of thoroughbred mare Gilly. The portrait can be seen on her blog Life as a Horse Artist.
  • Melanie Phillips shared her many work in progresses of her commissions on her blog Work in Progress. She has had vary varied sitters: Dalmatians, Dachshund with scarf, Labradors, Airedales, Spaniels, Collies, Pugs...
  • Marsha Robinett of The Extraordinary Pencil shared her moving portrait for her grandson before wrapping it in Christmas paper.
  • On her blog Painting a Dog a Day, Kim Santini shares her canine commissions of which I am sure many have been wrapped and laid carefully under glittering trees.
  • Holly Bedrosian unvailed a sensitive coloured pencil portrait on her blog Holly Bedrosian Fine Art. I'm unsure as to it being a Christmas commission but it was for certain a "smile maker".
  • Last but not least, Dee Dee Murray has posted her brilliant interpretation of a beautiful Great Dane "Gracie" on her studio blog Dee Dee Murray Art Studio.
Great stuff!
Back in 2009 with sharpened pencils and a new stock of paper.
Until then I will leave with a wave and wishing you all a cracking New Year!


hbedrosian said…

I just noticed that you mentioned my portrait in your blog - I think you are referring to the portrait of Elise, who is actually my sister. Anyway, thank you for mentioning my blog!
Your sisters'portrait is beautiful Holly:) Great job.

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