Pencil artist genius Mike Sibley

All sorts of reasons have brought me to want to mention the artists whose work I admire and whose work is really too good not to mention. These artists all have a direct influence on my work or way of working and are helping me become the best artist I can.

This is why would like you to discover the phenomenal work of Mike Sibley.

When you think of pencil you automatically think sketches, drafts, layouts but there is a great deal more to pencil, to the art of graphite than you could ever think possible.

One of the best in the business is Mike Sibley. Look and study his work and you will be mesmerized (in my case inspired). His eye for detail and sharp controlled use of pencils is just plain stunning. Specialising over the years in drawing dogs, he has brought every canine race to life. The realism achieved is uncanny, extraordinary.

Trial and error have enabled him to fully understand all the intricacies of both pencil and paper. By mastering his technique to perfection he has knocked down any kind of barrier. Textures, light, shape, features there is absolutely nothing he can not render incredibly well.

My favourite pieces have to be "Just thinking" a drawing of incredible skill, showing a gorgeous Newfoundland looking at a scavenging gull. In the back ground a boat. The drawing shows sensitivity, integrity and mesmerizing skill. The hardest thing is to take your eyes off it!

In "Barn Patrol", Mike achieves flawless rendering of the dogs but has also been able to take his drawing that little bit further, add another level. The entire background is as precise, studied and real as the foreground. It could stand alone.

"Just Dreaming", the title is so appropriate. Again the balance of thick woolly dog coat contrasted against smooth water is pure "eye candy". You look and look and … look again.

("Just Thinking", "Just Dreaming" and "Barn Patrol" have been illustrated in this blog entry with the kind permission of the artist.)

Mike is an artist of indisputable skill and vision. His work is living proof that graphite knows no barriers, shies at nothing and can conquer realism perfectly. Every shape and form known to man can, with skill and patience, come out of the tip of a pencil.

If you would like to see more of his work please do not hesitate to go straight to his website at:

Cheerio for now


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