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Monday, 5 November 2007

New drawing coming along nicely, finishing layer missing

Ok, so my last entry was a couple of weeks ago and my mood a little frustrated.
Things have evolved and my mood calmer.
Half term is over and the girls back in school.
Today was my first day back at the drawing board after a week of "family management".
My new piece "reflected" is nearing completion and will be out in the open in a couple of days time. It has been a very difficult drawing where I have been tackling hair, wavy silky fine hair.
Before posting I want to tweak it and add the little "oomph" that is missing. I am quite excited as it is something very new for me.
Another mile stone so to speak.

Oh and before I sign off here is another great blog to check out. Empty Easel full of brilliant advice and some great articles and resources for art lovers and artists alike.

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