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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Just a few words from a flattered pencil artist.

I am flattered.
Flattered that someone in a time of great sorrow would thing of turn to my work for help. Today I have just been asked to draw a dog who sadly died of cancer 2 days ago. This is the second order this Christmas season when someone has asked me, within days of loosing their companion, to draw a portrait in their memory. I must admit, being asked to portray deceased pets and individuals happens quite often but never within a couple of days of the subjects death. I feel very humbled that someone should feel that one of my drawings will be a source of comfort and maybe help in the mourning process.
I also feel very pressured (in a good way!) to do my utmost to bring the portrait to life. The degree of difficulty is also higher as I am not able to meet and observe my subject.
All in all, this type of portrait is a major challenge and, I believe, what this business is all about: illustrating an unforgetable memory.

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