One step closer to xmas

Done it! The first xmas order is finished. I will now be shown to the client and hopefully get the all clear.
Have started on the first of the show jumpers...have 2 to do. They should be fun! Having problems with a black cat...out of sight for a while and will be picked up after the next order is done.
Safron and Corrie are mother and daughter and have both great eyes and charisma. Always difficult in a double portrait to do justice to both subjects. However, I have really focused on highlighting the difference between a competing horse and a horse at rest. When a horse is at rest, the really have such air of calmness and tranquility. They always give the impression of being so self-assured and relaxed. Whereas when a horse is competing the coat is different, the eye a little more alert, the veins are always visible. The horses are fit, on the ball, ready to go... Anyway go is what I need to do right now and that is back to the drawing board. Ciao ciao


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