4 steps in Paul's finished portrait.

Yikes, more than 17 months have passed since I last drew a dog!
Reason enough to give this new canine portrait special attention.

Meet Paul.
Paul is cool.
Paul is tall, black, goofy and ... camera shy.
Looking away, relaxed, eyes focusing in the distance, anticipating his next move is how I met him, got to know him and had to render him.

Pencil on Paper
24 x 28 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved 

Eye drawn, lay of fur and darkest darks established

Further work on eye, lay of fur and outline of mouth
Adding on layers of darks to establish
shape of nose and detail in  mouth.

Adding more layers of fur and
work on nose, mouth and teeth.


Eija-h said…
Great, cute dog :)

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