Pull forth

Last week, like so many weeks, went by in a bright spinning flash (there is such a thing... really!)

The trendy "dreaded lurgy- virus thingy" paid us all individual visits and tried it's damnedest to cool my hard fought back resolution of getting back into the swing of things.
It tried... and failed.

Now finished, with revisited lessons in mental focus, how to embrace loose strokes, speeding up, drawing from the "gut" and foreshortening, is Pull Forth.

A fab way of warming up the pencils!

"Pull Forth"
Pencil on Paper
38x26 cm

Up next: one gorgeous mare


Lissa Rachelle said…
So glad you subdued that "dreaded lurgy- virus thingy" and triumphed over it with "Pull Forth". It's stunning! :)
Loads of fluids, nose spray and ibuprofen did the trick :D
Thanks for the nice words means loads. Had fun loosening up and drawing (once again) from the gut :D

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