Prey - day #1 in the artchain

Over on on FB I have been nominated by friend and super photographer Lyne Raff to take part on the 5 day art challenge also referred to as artchain. The objective being to post a couple of images of your art work over a period of 5 days.

Loving a challenge, I obliged with three photographs I took a few summers ago.
I love birds and totally swoon over birds of prey. They possess not only a perfect
beauty but a gripping fascination.

p.s: In turn I nominated Linda Shantz who I'm sure will rise to the challenge and enjoy showing some of her excellent work :D


Lissa Rachelle said…
ohhh Sheona! I had no idea you were also such a wonderful photographer! Amazing work!
Thank-you! Photography is my first love ;) and still makes my heart beat very fast!!!!!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stunning photos....the owl just takes your breath away :)
Thank you Elizabeth, great comment! Really appreciated ;) WOuld you be up for the challenge? You've got some super shots of your own ;)
Thanks Sheona. always happy to share a few! Mind you Linda (Shantz) asked me to share my five favourite horse photos....and I got somewhat delayed, nothing to do with age turning my brain too mush ;)
Super I am going to jump on your answer and take it as a yes :D Look forward to seeing your pics. Age will not affect us. Ever! Right?

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