Unique Trust, new drawing

Unique Trust
Pencil on Paper
57 x 46cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved

After spending a little more than six weeks hand in hand with my feelings, memories and pencils, I proudly present "Unique Trust".
In line with my 2013 resolutions, I was determined to jump out of my comfort zone and roam a little in the unknown suburbs of my drawing ability.
A different approach had to be taken.
So I went big much much bigger, stepped away from the classic head pose and began discovering how to convey a very special intimate, precious moment. 

"Unique Trust" happened in layers: a layer of technical knowledge topped with a double layer of whipped emotions, sprinkled with a wee bit of pencil magic. 


It's wonderful your best yet. I hadn't realised how big it was till I saw the photo on facebook. Big is the way to go :)
Peggy said…
I'd say it's a little bit more than a wee bit for the pencil magic :)
Well done!
Em Parkinson said…
The horse's expression is brilliant Sheona. How big is it exactly?
Karen Middleton said…
It looks so real ... the emotion shines through and the drawing itself incredible!!
Susan Garriques said…
This is incredible! Great job, Sheona! I love the horses's expression. You've captured the feeling perfectly!
Elizabeth: Thank-you! It felt wonderful to draw: the feelings so present. Hope there will be another ;)

Peggy, thank you ;)

Em, the drawing fills an oversized A2 paper. I felt it had to be big to really set of the connection between the two.

Karen and Susan, thank you both so much for commenting. You are proof that there is a an emotional bridge between my drawing and my viewers. Most excellent!

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