Short Drawing Tips ... coming soon

It's fantastic!
So many of you are asking questions that I know the answer to and that I feel confident answering!
Happy dances!

Therefore, it may very well be time (after thousands of hours at the drawing table) to, finally, create a wee series of tips and share my experience with all of you here on my blog.

My Short Drawing Tips (SDT) are going to be short (yep!), exclusively about the technical side of graphite drawing (double yep!) and will all be based on my trials experienced and errors made.

Some of you may remember I shared my drawing recipe a while back with a more poetic focus.

The objective this time round, is quite simply to share, in a short and snappy way, how I approach my craft.
These SDTs are never going to boast being the right and only way, they are just what works for me.

Topics covered will be the very popular topics of choice of paper, pencil choice, drawing surface, sharpeners, fixatives, blending but also extra personal tips of the trade.

The keyboard used for the typing-up of my SDTs....

It's so exciting.

Short Drawing Tip #1 is nearly ready and will be posted here on Black on Grey on White on Friday. The plan is to have one new Short Drawing Tip appear every week.
Currently in the making are 10 SDTs.

should you have any extra special requests please let me know and I will be sure to consider them.

Off to get typing, ciao ciao for now.


Sandra said…
So looking forward to this - thank you! Could you address how you scan your graphite drawings for the computer (how to compensate for the light tones lost?) In any case thank you so much
Very excited for these SDTs will be waiting :) Thank you.
Sandra super duper suggestion. Added to the list and will make a point of making a try at explaining my scanning process :D

Maria great hear hope you'll like them ;)
Peggy said…
YAY, looking forward to these :)
I am looking forward to your STD's.
Peggy & Studio at the Farm: looking forward to sharing and hopefully being helpful ;)
Peggy & Studio at the Farm: looking forward to sharing and hopefully being helpful ;)

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