Hello 2013

2013 is here!

2012 was a year in which I believe I stood too still.
Enjoying my comfort zone a tad too much... artistically not taking risks, trying too please, my curiosity asleep.
2012 is being archived just after this post.

2013 is when I step FORWARD pick up my pencils out of our snug comfort zone and into a colder  unknown & un-tackled world that we have ignored for too long

To prove my point, here's "Touched" my brand new drawing.
An amass of verticals and horizontals, stark and dramatic yet soft and tender.
A mix of contrast, texture and shapes.
A study of both equine and human body language.
A little girl lost safely in the world of big gentle equines.

" Touched "
Pencil on Paper.
57x44 cm.
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. 2013
All rights reserved 

2013 will be my year of marching FORWARD one focused step at a time.

... left, right, left, right, left, right...


Em Parkinson said…
It's great Sheona. I'm trying use pen to draw more which is a lot less safe but have only managed one so far! happy new year to you.
Wendy Mould said…
Lovely start to the year, looking forward to seeing more. Great feeling to the piece. Happy New Year.

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