Chocolate Labrador Gizmo

The "Christmas Secrecy Act" is lifted (and has been for the last few weeks...wee bit behind again whoops!)

Christmas commissions #1 is the handsome Gizmo.
A great big chocolate lab with a lovely nature.
A beautiful subject to render, my pencils had no problems getting dug in with gusto and enjoying all the details from his vivid eyes all the way down to the small wave in his coat.

44x25 cm
Pencil on Paper
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved


♥AMBre said…
Ton travail sur le poil, l'expression,la posture et ta précision sont ahurissants !
Je te remercie bcp Ambre. Il est tellement beau que le travail c'est fait (presque) tout seul!
Em Parkinson said…
He's lovely Sheona. You've somehow made it obvious that he's a chocolate lab without actually using brown. VERY impressive!
Thanks Em!
Brown is ever so slightly more muted than black meaning my darkest darks were just a tad lighter than they would have been with a black lab.

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