Press conference and various steps before the big day.

All started with an idea, followed by structured inspiration, focused hard work, meticulous co-ordination and then a real live press conference.

My one man show "Black on Grey on White" opened Friday the 9th of April in the Warendorf National Stud with a vernissage which welcomed over a 120 guests.
It was a magical evening.
Meeting friends, acquaintances and collectors.
Sharing my art, my world with an enthusiastic and receptive audience.
Launching my book "My Colours of Graphite".
Saying thank- you speechlessly.
Seeing red dots appear and left behind (5 so far).
Collecting bookings to keep busy well into the new year.

So proud, so overwhelmed and still at a loss for words.
Images of the events will help explain, I'm sure, just why my emotions are still getting the better of me...

Press Conference April 1st 2010.
Georg Frerich, Hurricane, Susanne Schmidt-Rimkus, me, Nicole Uphoff-Selke and Herr Klaus Oortmann

10 minutes before the reporters arrived (trying to look cool and relaxed)

Room 1 one week before opening (lighting just put up)

Room 2 one week before opening (panels arrived after finishing with lighting)

One week later

Room 1 all ready to go

Room 1, 9th of April, waiting for the first guests to arrive.

Room 2: smart and tidy. The lighting is really good it's just my photos trying to prove me wrong

Room 2 different angle: in the midst of the panels...

Room 2 looking just as posh and polished as room 1.

The evening

Book launch with Susanne Schmidt-Rimkus and Nicole Uphoff-Selke

To be continued

p.s: Wilbur decided to stay home and take care of business here in Belgium.
However, I did meet Bernadette....


What a beautiful show my famous friend....I look forward to the continued :))
Crystal Cook said…
How exciting!! I can see why your emotions are still getting the best of you. It looks like a dream come true! And that horse is GORGEOUS!!

Good for you :)
Dors said…
Congratulations on the success of your solo art show Sheona. A lot of work and what an exciting day it must have been for you.

Thank you for sharing with us.

Teresa Mallen said…
Stunning work so beautifully displayed!!! Wow!! Congratulations.
adebanji said…
Can't wait to see the rest, just brilliant!
Tracy Hall said…
It looks wonderful Sheona, and lovely to see you and the opening pictures! Hope its a sell out.
Joan said…
Congratulations Sheona on a beautiful show and a successful evening! You certainly transformed the room and it looked fantastic. So happy for you that you and LOVED the pictures!
from across the pond..
Joan Jannaman
Wendy Mould said…
WOW!!! The show looks great, you must be flying high with all the excitement. And a book too! I didn't realize that was on the go too. I would have loved to see your show live but just seeing the pictures has been great. I look forward to the next batch.
Thank you all so much! Nice to be able to share a wee bit of the excitement, strange showing myself: always feels much safer and comfier hiding behind my work ;D

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