New Jack Russell pencil portrait

Pencil on Paper. 16x18 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

Somewhere between the paperwork, housework and computer work, I found time to pay my drawing board a wee visit.

Paula is my newest commission and is off tomorrow to Germany (a surprise "bday" present). No worries about the secret: the birthday person doesn't know of my existence.

For this portrait I pulled out my well loved - well known Hahnemuehle paper and 2b mechanical pencil.
The studio rocked to the Muse, Snowplay and Nickelback while my pencils enjoyed a well needed work out.

Next drawing will be all about canines again, this time big and grey. Think I'll get Biffy Clyro to rock the studio walls...


Crystal Cook said…
Beautiful drawing!! I love the eyes.

Oh man!! Muse, Nickelback! We should be friends!

I love Hysteria by Muse, I think that's my fave.

I always look forward to your next piece :)
Marsha Robinett said…
This is wonderful...the attention to the tiniest detail is so well done. When I look at I can almost feel her warm breath and her sleek coat. This is going to be a great birthday present.
Crystal: thank you. Both bands are regular "visitors": they really help with inspiration and motivation :D

Marsha: I hope they like it, will know in a few days time. Cheery waves and thank yous :)
Lisa M. Rodgers said…
Absolutely gorgeous Sheona! More proof that you've got mad drawing skills gal!!
Gary Keimig said…
really nice Sheona. Great detail without sacrificing spirit and personality.
Wendy Mould said…
Love the portrait. He really has some life in him. Great job. Those bands must have been a real inspiration for you.
You have definately mastered Graphite...your subjects come to life on paper. Beautiful, I enjoyed looking at your work and look forward to seeing more.
Thank you all. The portrait was delivered and accepted with a speechless smile. These reactions are always the best reward.

Beverly : a warm welcome to Black on Grey on White, great to meet you here. Will try and post more regularly once things settle down and start flowing again ;)
Great work, thank you for sharing.
Ginger said…
Lovely Lovely work! I Love your details! Great job!
Ginger Brady

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