Mini progress steps in new equine portrait

Marble Arch now has slightly more defined face, a soupcon of an ear and a sprinkling of a mouth.

The progress is slow (laying all of the blame at summers door...) but quite good.
A 2B Derwent pencil has been used with various strokes: some harder some softer but all short and crisp.
Slowly approaching the problem area: his roman nose.
The good news: still love greys!


Greys are good looking horses

Wizz :-)
Jo Castillo said…
Just gorgeous! I have to stop by and get inspired once in a while. Thanks!
Wendy Mould said…
Your horse is good, I look forward to seeing the final results. I have 'checked out' your work and it is great!!
Dors said…
Coming along great. I am looking forward to seeing this come alive.
Wizz you are absolutely right: just like black and tan dogs:)
Hello there Jo, thanks for kind words, great to hear your finding inspiration.
Wendy and Dors, hello and a great big welcome to Black on Grey on White.Thank you for your kind words, the drawing is nearing completion will post as soon as possible.

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