A great side of creating art, learning to see

Unusual things happen in the summer (must be the direct effect of extra light and heat!).
Today was no exception.
We became tourists and went for a wee train-ride around Chimay.
My Eos was happy to have its lens cap off and picked out sights I had never seen.

Gorgeous iron work.

Intricate brick work

Very elegant facades

The French je ne sais quoi!

You do not see with the lens of the eye. You seen through that, and by means of that, but you see with the soul of the eye.
~John Ruskin~


Gary Keimig said…
learning to see. How very true and with passion we create. These photos alone have such possibilities.
A warm welcome to Black on Grey on White Gary. Seeing, feeling, expressing and sharing. Such crucial elements.

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