Second and third steps in new greyhound rescue drawing.

I have made good progress with my new project.

I am, as usual, up against the clock and have very little time left.  The entries are due on the 19th.

Here are two more steps in the process. My biggest challenge here is to get the hand right...smooth, soft and young yet showing strength-holding on tightly enough to not let go.  If the look and feel of the hand does not work out it will break the whole piece.... I have spent quite a long time on it and I am still not happy...

Will sleep on it....  Need a little bit of "shut-eye".

Sweat dreams.


hbedrosian said…

This looks great so far! I think the hand looks good, but if you are unhappy with it, maybe start working on the face and go back to it later. I can't wait to see this piece finished!
Thank you Holly! I have moved away from it and will finished it after having completed the jacket. Will post the last steps.

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