Bringing a touch of blue to a black and white kitten

School is most definately bringing out the creative side in my girls!

The oldest has started sketching (not sure I even knew the term at the grand old age of 5) and the youngest is following suit. Only she is  bringing a wee bit of a variation to the word.

She has gone in for animal art!

Jess was her muse.

I think it was her bemused look and little plea in her big eyes that brought my attention to her freshly coloured blue tummy and back paws. (She had been sound asleep on her chair as the artists were creating ...She knows all about her 9 lives!)

The photo illustrates the left over marks .

Jess charmingly (hastily) and elegantly (expertly) washed herself and magically found her silky snowy white fur without hurting the artists' feelings in anyway...! (Must ask her how she did that.)

Moments like this are priceless and just have to be shared.

OK off to put pencil to Mellotex paper.


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