Jumping present in this years PAS online show

Curious to have a peek at some of the best pencil artwork out there?

Excellent ;)

The Pencil Art Society's new 2017 online exhibition has just gone live and showcases a wide spectrum of pencil art.
A nice range of work is on display: from monotone to colour, through still live to surrealistic animal art as well as beautiful black and white portraiture.

One identical element, that of quality craftsmanship and execution runs through the entirety of the selected of artwork.  Stoked to be amoung such talent.
  Well done to all the winners!!!!

Graphite on Paper
50x37 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant


Jo Castillo said…
Oh, wow! This is magnificent! The entries are so good. I’m partial and like your horse the best. Really….
It really is a great turnout this year :) Million thank yous for the (partial) feedback. Means loads ;)

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