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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Nifty news

During the whole of March, I will be the Equis Art Gallery's featured

The only gallery of it’s kind  and Gem of the mid-Hudson Valley – the EQUIS ART GALLERY – is a purveyor of sophisticated artwork work where a white horse is not just white, a black horse is not just black and a beautiful horse is not just pretty!

So very humbling and exciting .

Getting ready for the occasion and off to join in in the festivities are two more drawings:

Going Right and Racing Ready

Racing Ready
pencil on paper
37 x 41 cm
reference: Linda Shantz

Going Right
pencil on paper
43 x 56 cm
reference: Juliet Harrison


Jo Castillo said...

These are so beautiful and natural looking. Your work is so special. Good for you on the show!!

sheona hamilton-grant said...

Thank-you Jo :) Something so raw and magical about horses in full power action. Fascinating muscle structure: so much to render. Loved working on these ;)