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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Ready-for-open-day studio pics

went from a buzzing brain to a totally up-side studio back to normality and then over the edge to uncluttered the space of 7 days!

Opening the studio to the outside world was a definite whirlwind of new undefined proportion.

The flip side to the stress is mega: got to meet a great bunch of people,  have new drawing underway and I'm still (amazingly) operating in a clutter-less heaven.


Linda Shantz said...

I am in awe of your lack of clutter! The space looks beautiful, congrats on the open studio! Sooooo wish I could have come!

sheona hamilton-grant said...

LOL! keeping these pics as a reminder of how it can look/be. Looking around today and well there are a few things out place....
Wish you could have been here to: sun shone and excellent music in the background. Fingers crossed the day will come :D