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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Three going to Quebec

The happy dances have subsided and the mad wide grins relaxed enough to get a few coherent words down.

Three of my drawings ( The Hug, Chinese Whispers & Unstuck ) have been juried in to the inaugural PAS international exhibition. 

PAS 14 is to be held in Quebec Canada for 6 weeks throughout the summer.

This is exciting news.
Pencil artists are on the rise and thanks to the internet and social media sites starting to get increased attention.
Shows of this caliber will show the public the scope and beauty of pencil art.  Show just how phenomenal and exceptional our medium is.
The work of 59 talented artists hanging together in one place is bound to be quite inspirational.

Must get cracking on designing a crate with extra passenger space.
Just like my drawings I've never been to Canada....

The Hug
Pencil on Paper
40x53 cm

Chinese Whispers
Pencil on Paper
30x59 cm

Pencil on Paper
48 x 42 cm 


Felicity Deverell said...

Congratulations! So great pencil artists are beginning to be recognized.

sheona hamilton-grant said...

Thank you Felicity. Loving your use of the word great :)
Yep! Never too late, there are so many out there!!!

sheona hamilton-grant said...
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