and then there were four! Foal get together

Over 200 photographs, many blurred due to nosy-foal intervention, led to this final drawing.

This moment really did happen. It's not a "photoshop special".
The four babies stood together, safe in their own proximity, attention and curiosity divided between a waving branch and a very strange sounding photographer.

Drawing this piece has been a bundle of fun, from start to finish.  By the end of the very first line I knew it would all fall into place.

Working out of my comfort zone and approaching it with a different goal in mind, the overall effect is looser, not as tight and detailed as I have been drawing.
Being a study of a moment, of a scene that was not staged but left to fate, spontaneity and movement had to take centre stage. Detail really welcome only as a (VIP) backseat passenger.

The choice of paper helps tremendously in staying looser.
For "Get together", I went with Hahnemülle Nostalgie and smooth flowing strokes of 6B, 2B and 2H.
It's toothy surface, slightly off-white colour and rougher texture are totally up for rendering believable expressions, strong contrasts and realistic textures while maintaining an overall feel of relaxed realism.

Get together
pencil on paper
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved

Psst!  still have at least 50-60 references that could very well be the source of a few more foal studies. Happy days!


Linda Shantz said…
Brilliant, as usual. And, of course, one of my favourite subjects! ;-)
Jo Castillo said…
Wow! Very beautiful. Your drawing is a great inspiration to us all. You know horses so well. Applause!

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