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Short Drawing Tip #5: Mechanical vs Wood case

Mechanical pencil (also known as clutch pencils) or wood case?

Not sure how to tackle this vast subject and give it it all it is due so I'll base it on my experience and nothing more.

When starting out, all I used to draw with was a 2B wood cased Derwent pencil.
With the one grade of pencil, I taught myself to draw all the tones, shades and contrasts.
(psst: I was totally oblivious to the fact that you could fill a mechanical clutch pencil with anything other than a 0.5mm HB lead!)

This was an invaluable lesson and still find today that I will complete most of a drawing with a 2B.
Relying too heavily on different leads to achieve a desired effect can take away from the spontaneity of your drawing.

Since those early days, things have changed: my heart has taken a shine to the mechanical cousins.
They are able to give a consistency in quality of leadweight, length and sharpness unrivalled by the wood cased pencils.

I have three Staedlers Mars Technico filled with 2mm  2B, 4B and …