Lemon attack!

Sweet and sour lemons.
They're coming from every direction, fast and furious.
Seriously, life's throwing lemons like there's no tomorrow!
In some sort of defensive response, I find myself very very busy catching them in the hope of making some sort of lemonade!
(Not really liking lemonade and having no firm idea what a good lemonade should taste like is not helping!).

So, I'm juggling! Juggling the little lemony things,  juggling them into a fusion of harmonious mixes, working out delicate blends of sweet and sour that would knock even Jamie Oliver and Michel Roux's socks off!

There's no hiding place right now, a fighting smile the answer.
The day life's' lemons forget about "moi" is near.
Until then it's a stoic chin-up, warmish smiles and making darn sure to remember the little things in life really are the very best.


Linda Shantz said…
What's going onnnnnnnn? Can I ask that because i'm feeling the same? What's with the lemons this year, anyway? Bumper crop. :-P
Wish I could just chant: easy peasy lemon squeezy. Darned right about the bummer crop... if I was into astrology I'd say all the planets were rioting, over spinning and totally out of sync...

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