Cheery Cheers

Gently putting my pencils down for this year but not without a wee cheerio, a heap of seasonal greetings and great big THANK-YOU.
So many of you have visited my studio blog and showed support throughout another fascinating year.  Looking forward to sharing more of my art world in 2013!

Cheery cheers!


Em Parkinson said…
Cheery cheers to you too. You're in the best place for Christmas biscuits! I've cleaned out our local Lidl of their chocolate coated gingerbread rounds and they're pretty inferior to what you can get your hands on I should imagine. Happy New Year to you too.
Wendy Mould said…
Yes, it is time to put those pencils down and celebrate Christmas all the best for the coming year. I look forward to seeing some of your new projects.
Thank you Em & Wendy! Had a super smooth glide into the New Year (Christmas was a tad more hectic ;D) Wishing both of you a year filled to the brim with great experiences, health, success and happiness. Happy creating!

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