Absent blogger - busy artist

Still a blogger and still drawing!
(If anything I've been scribbling my wee friends blunt!)

Been an absolute age and so it is with a "shy hi" that I return to my wee blog.

Many drawings have been started (and finished) and until THE Christmas Present act of secrecy is lifted in January 2013 my posts will have to remain well... limited.

However, there is one "on the go" and unaffected by any secrecy act .

A drawing all about contrasts, lines and trust.
A drawing that big & delicate.
A drawing built around memories.

"Untitled and still in progress"
Pencil on Paper

to be continued ...


Em Parkinson said…
I love this Sheona. I like it as it is with the fragment of the other horse - beautiful. Lovely to hear from you too!
Wendy Mould said…
Lovely to see your work, looking forward to January when all those Christmas secrets are over. Don't work too hard!!!

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