"Normality" is within reach

The end of a hectic three weeks is near; within touching distance.
A wee lean foward and I'll be able to feel smooth reassuring vibes...

Two week-ends of shows/exhibition and a mile stone "Back to School" have been at the forefront of my life.
Unforgiving Generals in command of all my moves, thoughts and decisions...  I'll say no more.

Drawings hanging in the club house under the watchful eye of wee "Taxi".

Last week-end, my pencil drawings made their annual appearance in the  Ostenfelde club-house for the annual Ostenfelde Kutschfahrturnier show. 
They were hung alongside the brilliant work of fellow artist Dirk Gross for three days of showing.
Dirk's work is exceptional.
Poles apart from my black and white realism.  His paintings ooze energy, reel the viewer into an novel abstract world. Into a world brimming with new life, normality having crumbled at the way side in the wake of soul searching colours and gravity defying movements.
For a realist like myself one heck of a fascinating and awe inspiring world to have been introduced to.

Torrential heat discouraged many visitors to "just pop round" for a refreshing drink. The show, as it does, went on and the driving was as thrilling and amazing as ever.

Business for the studio was good.
New drawings will be shared in the near future but until then I'd love to share a few of the images I took of a glorious sunny week-end.  


Linda Shantz said…
Love the photos, Sheona. Hope you get through the craziness okay!
Thanks Linda :D All well although I'd have to say I'm pretty near to climbing walls in Spiderman fashion :D

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