(Picture shaking head) In my perfect disorganisation I've managed to leave this aristocratic grey mares' story under wraps - unintentionally .
Readers of my newsletter have been introduced but many of you have not... Apologies

This is Kalaglowa, also referred to as Kali.
A thoroughbred with no speed and a tricky character.
Traits that pretty much mapped out an uncertain future.
One day (like in all fairytales) Kalli was seen by someone who instantly wanted to connect with the young hectic grey mare.
Kali's future changed.
Kali was taken in, loved and  cared for ...  unconditionally.
Sadly she passed away last year, her health having let her down.
Her owners unconditional love did not follow her over the rainbow bridge but took a wee turn and came into my studio.
Kalli's presence was to live on, immortalised in a portrait.
Both the grey mare and my scribble friends connected and spent a few weeks in each others company, retracing her life and more importantly getting to the bottom of understanding the devotion she instigated.

R.I.P Kalli.

Pencil on Paper
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.


Kali lives on...one of the great thing about being an artist! Good job!
Thank you! Elizabeth you are so right it really is one of the best things :D

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