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Monday, 19 December 2011

Merry Holidays, Happy Christmas...

Merry Christmas#2
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. 2011
All rights reserved

A great big "Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays" to everyone.
Thank you all for visiting my blog and FaceBook page throughout the year and taking the time to leave your comments.
Wishing everyone a great holiday season, and a fandabidosy 2012.

See you all again next year!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas

Do you have a few equine art fans on your list and still haven't found the perfect Christmas gift?
How about an outstanding quality piece of artwork...
Here are three outstanding artists whose work hangs beautifully in every home, have made many an animal lover's heart beat faster and make wonderful, unique gifts.

Spell bounding quality equine paintings will greet you in Canadian Equine Artist Linda Shantz art world.
Her work will have you drifting off into a world of equine beauty, calm and serenity.
Visit her website and be prepared to be transported into a world of equine warmth, elegance and harmony .

Linda Shantz. 2010
All rights reserved

In time for the festive season, her studio is currently offering an online December Celebration. Until December the 18th, a 25% discount will be given on any of the paintings found in both Linda's Thirty Horses, Thirty Days blog and in her Red Willow Gallery blog.

Should a world of Black and White tempt you, New-York Traditional Black and White Photographer Juliet Harrisson has just the ticket.
Her newly published book: Equiscape, A Modernist Nude has to be one of the most stunning collections of equine photographic studies ever.
It is an absolute must for every Equine Connoisseur.
Her Equiscape series is a sensitive, intimate journey displaying views of the equine anatomy. A world of phenomenal layers of movement, light, contrast, lines and emotions...
Discover more Juliet's work and publications through her website Juliet R.Harrison

Equiscape. A Modernist Nude
Introduction by Tamsin Pickeral
118 pages. 11"x13" Hardcover. 59 B&W and Color plates. Purchases made directly through the photographer will be Signed and will include an Open Edition digital Print from the book. Price for this special volume is $175.00 + shipping. To pre-oder contact the photographer

Vigorous, heartfelt spellbinding brush strokes and colours that will woaw you. Kimberly Santini's work oozing with spirit and life will make you stop, look, listen and remember...

Candy Cane
Kimberly Santini.2011

All rights reserved

Kimberly Santini has a number of Repros and notecards available through her FAA website -
A little bird also tells me you can find originals for sale.

Back to my studio for the last lap of scribbling before Friday's dreaded dead-line.
Wishing you all a great countdown to the big day and happy shopping.
Oh, oh, oh from the hills of Bonn

Monday, 5 December 2011

Time and no time

Bonfire Night
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

Wind, wind, whirl, whirl, mad, fun, mad, fun, STOP, BREATHE, wind, wind, whirl, whirl, mad, fun, mad, fun....
Still alive and scribbling.
Must admit to having been shut away deep in my cave creating all sorts of portraits. Sadly due to the top secret nature of the drawings in progress, I cannot reveal their identity until the New-Year...
BUT... I do have some images of mine I can and would love to share.
January 2010, I started my photoblog Sheona Ann Photography on Pixyblog.
A mish mash of the beauty I see daily.

My passion for photography started in my late teens when my Dad lent me his old Zenith "to try" and helped me set up a wee dark room in the corner of the garage.
Good old traditional manual photography.
Today, the Zenith has been replaced by a Canon and my dark room by Lightroom.
I may have moved with the times but my passion is still very much "up-to-date".

Off back to the drawing board, nearly done with the Christmas commissions.
Will be back with lots of news very soon, until then have a great advent and tuck up warm.