"Agape Touch" my latest pencil drawing.

What should never ever have happened just did!
I pressed "publish" instead of "save now" and all of you received an unfinished and non illustrated blog post.
Bowing my beetroot red face in shame...
Here below the unfinished non edited unworked shambles of words and ideas accidentally published: I had no intention of winging about my scanner, really...!

Finished and over the moon with my new piece.
This was a moment I captured a few years back. The two subjects depicted are so very close to my heart. The horse is my 21 year old Swedish halfblood mare and one of the most amazing horses I have ever had the privilege of knowing. The wee girl: my oldest daughter. A drawing does not get more personal.
Scanner has let me down.... It's age is showing and performance very iffy

Detail from "Agape Touch"

Agape Touch

Pencil on Paper 36x 39 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

Agape Touch is a deeply personal piece based on capturing and immortalising a fleeting moment all of us have experienced at some moment in our lives.
In my case, the brief revealing moment when the gentle touch of the equine and human world forever collide and harmonise.
A lot of soul searching was done and walks down memory lanes taken which, with the signing of this work, have come to rest and settle. Until, that is, another moment tugs once again at my artists' heart strings.


hbedrosian said…
What a beautiful and touching piece, Sheona!
adebanji said…
Simply sensational!
Holly and Adebanji, thank you so much . Your comments mean loads. Smiles and waves :D
sue said…
So beautiful.

I carry my camera with me most places at the weekend in the hopes of capturing a moment like this (usually in vain though) :o)
Thank you Sue, the ref was not too good but the memory so sharp and alive :D
Margo said…
What a fabulous piece, obvious how much you love the models.

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