Work progressed on "Bricks and Stones."

Bricks and Stones has been pulled out of it's packing box.
A sprinkling of work has been added to the baby steps.
Working on the contrast between bricks and the Clyde's velvet coat is great. The end result can only be startling. Not a regular occurrence to find a horse standing free in front of a stone wall.

The stone wall is starting to take on a life of it's on. The intricacies found in walls are mind boggling and really something to get my eager little scribble friends dug into. There are going to be cracks, patch-ups, distortions, crevices, breaks, unbalanced layouts. Basically an engineers nightmare come true: not one brick will be alike.
Each and every one a little bit more broken or distorted than the other.

Fun stuff!
Next update coming soon ...


Kristy said…
Wow this is looking lovely!
Christine said…
Beautiful work! I'll be looking for your next update.

Congratulations also on your beautiful book! It looks awesome!
Kristy and Christine hi and welcome to Black on Grey on White! Thank you for stoping by. This is an intricate piece which I hope to finish very soon with all sorts great details added. Stay tuned;D
rrsmith said…
Love the detail you have used in the back ground waiting to see how it ends up.

Charcoal Drawings and Prints
Hello Russ, thank you. The background/the wall is growing in detail and intricacies. Not sure how they will all balance out in the end...but they are great fun to render :D

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