Getting back to the drawing board.

Hello all.
Great to be back in the studio and even more fantastic to welcome all my new followers.
Summer is swinging its heart out at this end. It's picture perfect...

All the scribbles pals left blunt and dormant have been coaxed out of their hibernation "summernation" and sharpened up. I was missing them, badly!
Black on Grey on White's posts (sadly a little sporadic until September) will be covering three new wips (two equine and one canine) and my encounter with Rubens.
So without any further ado I'll trundle over to the drawing board and get cracking on exercising the Derwents, the Staedlers and the FaberCastells.
Will post their exercise routine tomorrow.


pencilportraits said…
Glad to see you are back Sheona, don't leave it so long next time! Can't wait to see your new wips
Welcome back

Wizz :-)
Gayle Mason said…
Glad you're having a nice Summer Sheona.
Hiya there!
penciportraits sorry about the longish absence.Great to hear I was missed though ;-)
Hi Wizz, hope your enjoying the summer as well.
Thank you Gayle, its bin busy in many ways nice to get back into a semi routine.

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