The Equinest post all about "me, myself and I".

This is short and sweet.
The sun is to blame.
took me by the hand on Friday and coldly let go this morning.
Three days of a sunny cyberless world.
Beautifully strange.
Wrapped up in my other reality reminded me that I had not blow my horn about me myself and I.
A few weeks ago, a cool article/interview came out in The Equinest (a really informative and dynamic site for all things equine).
The article is a recommended read for finding out more about my views, inspirations (Da Vinci is mentioned...) and motivations.

I would also like to warmly greet (and reassure) all my new followers.
Don't run away; there is usually no trumpet playing here but much much more art.
The melodies made by my pencils sound a tad better than the sound of my own horn (signing off: that was slightly off key :)!)



Wonderful article Sheona...what a multi talent you are, Scottish off course :) Your work is amazing and your love and knowledge of your subjects shines through with every stroke of your pencils.
Lisa Ullrich said…
Great interview, Sheona! It sounds like you have lived a very interesting life.
Gayle Mason said…
Loved reading the article Sheona.

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