Discovery of 2 great contempary oil painters

Time for a wee break in a hectic schedule to introduce all of you who are not familiar with two very talented artists...
When inspiration gets a bit low and the motivation needs a good kick up the behind, I tend to skimm the  web looking for help.  Usually I find help in admiring work of other artist, it is always the reminder I need to "keep at it", to keep trying.
Ok enough said about me.  
Who are these artists I hear you ask?
The first to have caught my attention is  Belgian artist Olivier De Nato whom I had the honour of meeting (by chance) at our local art source.  Curiosity made me google him and well....what can I say: poetry, stunning, rich, real. Hyperrealism to perfection.

The other artist was one introduced to me through a newsletter named "Informed collector". Scott Tallman Powers's work has a delicacy rarely found, a finesse that is soo appealing and well worth taking time to discover.
As it so often the case words are just not enough!
Lack of time is preventing me right now of going into long description and detail (phew I hear you think!) but I will end by saying: check them out: they are GREAT!


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