Behind the (studio) scenes with Wilbur and Bernadette

Vacuum in hand (spring cleaning has come early and the studio is the first to be "attacked"), I realised I have neglected to keep you up to speed on the two Black on Grey on White studio wooden rascals (to be honest both have been throwing subtle hints such as "not had to pose for the camera for aaaaages"- " how's the blog?" - "can we say hi to the world too?" (...)!!!!) .

Both Bernadette and Wilbur are fine and dandy and have been dealing with the long winter months in their own special way.
They are quite inspirational in a indirect sort of way.

Both treat me, daily, to all sorts of strange visions and enjoyable interruptions: impossible to photograph head banging rock moves , energetic aerobic positions as well as sweet loving glances (enjoyed so much I was treated to two poses during the shoot!).

I reckon there is very little chance they will ever behave enough for me to use them as serious figure models (too boring!)

On the other hand, if they did...where would I find all this jazz like improvisation!


Linda Shantz said…
So glad to hear Wilbur and Bernadette are keeping things lively. And nice of them to indulge you with a photo shoot to share with us! :-)

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