Cats like pink...?

Jess knows all about the risks and perils of getting too close to the "ladies" when they have their art tools out...well at least I thought so.

You may recall around this time last year she was touched by the blues courtesy of two little budding artists.

Today I can't help thinking she was in thick of things.

A Pink Panther rebirth?

p.s: the pink substance is chalk and coming off nicely...


Now if that had been me I'd have looked an idiot but dang and blast she suits it :)
Unknown said…
LOL! Pretty in Pink has whole new meaning:) Discovered after posting that the belly was a curious shade of purple...the mind boggles!
Jeanette Jobson said…
That's funny. Well they do say curiosity and the cat.... Pink rather suits her actually. :)
Pink suits her! And Im glad it was just chalk... I remember one time my cat, Dixon, hopped up in my workspace and when I jumped up to shoo him away his response was to LAY DOWN ON MY PALETTE! Thankfully I work with acrylic, but that was one very unhappy cat, getting rinsed off in the bathroom sink....
Unknown said…
Jeanette, thank goodness this wee lass is a bit of a lazy one and doesn't get up to too much "sillyness";)
Hello Kellie,lol. Cats rule don't they? They seem to do the everything with elegance and candor...except get wet. A great big welcome to Black on Grey on White!

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