7 steps to crating artwork for shipping

Every artist will be confronted at one point in time with having to ship work... safely.

Here are 7 steps to creating the crates that ship my framed work (when not hand delivered).

It is crucial that I point out that, due to my lack of DIY skills and hubby's abundance of them,  I become nothing more than an incredibly grateful bystander and  an "on-call extra hands".

Pictured above some of the tools needed: measuring tape, razor blade, screws and Makita drill.
Also needed:
plywood sheets (cut to measure)
Foam sheets 30mm &/or 50mm thick (aprox. 6)
Wood strips for corners (1 to 2 m long)

Step one:

Once drawing or works are securely framed with passe partout, finished frame and temporary plexiglass, measure overall size adding  the thickness of the form sheets you choose (30 or  50 mm) onto each side for padding plus the thickness of the plywood.

Step two:

Have sheets of plywood cut to correct size at local DIY store where you can also find sheets of foam for padding. 

Step three:

Make box by screwing all sides together using screws at small even intervals.

Step 4:

Stabilise corners and making sure all sides and corners are flush.

Step 5:

This is when the inner shell is created.

Insert foam strips

cut with razor blade to 

fit snuggly

Step 6:

Once the box is finished add art work (I always leaven that extra layer of bubble wrap around the frame  although it's not really necessary. (Mother hen instinct I guess!)

Add hanging instructions (optional)

Step 7:

Double check everything is in, cover with last foam sheet and firmly screw in place.

Write your name/company and opening instructions. (Can't help thinking there's nothing worse than an orphan shipping crate with no "up or down"!)

Et voila ready for off!!!


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